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    X-Large UV Screw-Top - Space Man - 420 Science - The most trusted online smoke shop.
    X-Large UV Screw-Top - Space Man - 420 Science - The most trusted online smoke shop.
    X-Large UV Screw-Top - Space Man - 420 Science - The most trusted online smoke shop.
    X-Large UV Screw-Top - Space Man - 420 Science - The most trusted online smoke shop.

    Available 420 Jar Designs

    All available 420 Jar designs
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    Hunter W.
    United States United States
    UV jars can't be beat.

    I love these jars. I own a couple clear pop tops as well as some metal CVaults and these UV jars are by far my favorite for long term storage, especially if used with a humidipack. My only issue is that I keep dropping them! Truly a great product.

    Best storage jars I've ever had

    I found the combo deal for one x-large and one small jar for $23, and went for it, since I've been in the market for a decent storage jar. I got one of clear glass pop-top jars, which I was pretty happy with, but when I saw the UV jars I was sold. I'm using the clear jar (I got the one with the rainbow) for a jewelry catcher, for which it's perfect, and use the two UV jars for storage of my flower - one for ground, and one for unground. I really wish that the sale had offered our choice of sizes, because both the medium and the x-large jars are much bigger than I thought they were. That's not really a problem, but I use the x-large for my unground material and no matter how much I have, looking in there makes me feel sad because of all the empty space, lol. The medium jar would have been the perfect size for me for my regular use, but that's okay - now I have the motivation to fill that sad, empty space! Looks like I'll have to pick up some overtime! Plus I was able to get the astronaut design, on the x-large, and the gnome on the small, so I got three perfect jars with my three favourite designs, and now all my storage needs are well met. Plus I got a nice metal storage tube for more rough-and-tumble travel purposes. But that's a story for another review! You wont go wrong with these jars. Theyre well made, heavy glass, the UV is the best colour youve ever seen when you hold it up to the light and will protect your flower like nothing else,and you'll have all the capacity you need and then some. These should last forever. I'm well satisfied.

    A 420 Science Customer
    Scot N.

    I thought these were just black jars with cool art... but for some reason, I held one up and looked at it through the light. The most beautiful and deep cobalt blue / violet light appeared. Barely. It's been my favorite color for many years, so I was really caught off guard; the color was so amazing I almost cried. But I was also really high at the time. I ended up buying four more. 10 stars out of 5

    A 420 Science Customer
    Elizabeth .
    Awesome jars

    Thick glass with the cutest designs I bought 2- the small gnome jar and the space man XL and I love them. The XL holds an ounce for my main stash and the small holds an eighth so its perfect for my go bag. The designs are very permanent and won't scratch off, plus I got stickers with my package of the 420 likes design and 420 science logo which I put on my jars so now they're extra cute.