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    Worth every cent

    i bought this bong at the beginning of last month so far every hit is incredibly smooth and the downstem goes all the way to the back to perfectly line up with the California made logo printed on the back this bong is made to fall over ive knocked it down on concrete many times and the only thing that breaks it the down steam and the bowl im incredibly impressed with the price my only regret is i did not buy 2 :)thank you 420 science


    Thicc Boi

    A real nice bong. Came with a thick funnel bowl, different than the one pictured.

    Eric S.

    The ultimate bong for the proletariat

    First thing I need to say is that I've spent way more money for way less of a product in many past purchases. The only thing I can compare this with in my collection is the ROOR 18" x 7mm, which still wins out in terms of lowest drag, but it costs almost four times more than this unit. I am somewhat in shock that MAV was able to produce this unit for such a reasonable price. The unit is extremely well built with no visible flaws. The ground glass joints fit smoothly and seal completely, if not just a tad tight. (Pro tip, use nose grease to lube glass joints.) The down stem is relatively short, but enters at a steep angle, so it is set at a good depth for lots of bubbling. You can really drag on this unit without getting any water up the tube, i.e. no splashing up into your mouth if you are too aggressive on your pull. My only issue is that I would like it to be a 19mm instead of a 14mm ground joint, but the whole industry seems to be trending away from the 19mm ground glass joints, so I can't really complain. This MAV unit feels SOLID. There's not much glass we ever pick up that is 9mm thick... it's just not something you typically find in a non-industrial setting. So, holding this unit is itself somewhat a unique part of the experience. (While I wouldn't hammer with it, I would be confident in using it as a defensive weapon if ninjas ever broke into my house.) That being said, it truly is the bong for the working class. Solid and high quality made in the USA build that won't break down, and it is VERY AFFORDABLE. You probably will only ever need to buy one of these. The only problem I foresee is keeping this in stock.