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    Almost as good as Volcano

    Ghost MV1 Stealth edition Is very well built and when used correctly packs a punch that's close to the Volcano digital vaporizer. The Ghost MV1 has a slight learning curve but once you figure It out It's the best portable vaporizer I've ever tried. fast charger should be purchased or you'll have to wait 8 hrs for complete battery charge compared with fast charger which Is only 2 hrs! Crucible dispenser Is also a recommended accessory which gives you access to 5 extra crucibles Inn a well designed case. Extra battery Is also a must for long extended use but battery does last a long time between charges.

    James R.
    United States United States


    Over hyped. I should have seen this coming since I did hours of research, it was a tie between this or The Mighty and I chose this one. I have used plenty of rigs in the past and recently purchased one of the this thing rips cheap vapes to try so going from that to the Ghost MV1 you'd think I'd be blown away. Vapor quality is good, very smooth, minimal coughing Vapor quantity in my opinion is over hyped Battery is worse than I thought (I knew going in the 8 hour charge time etc) if it gets to the last bar, forget about it, barely produces vapor. Crucibles are cool, can be tedious so be careful I like the app, that's a nice feature There is a learning curve like everyone else said but it's not that bad once you figure it out. At the $300 price point, there's gotta be better vapes, coming from a $50 vape to a $300 "elite" "top of the line" vape only left feeling like the value isn't there is disappointing. I cannot speak about any other vapes except for what I've personally tried, so fingers crossed my next purchase will work out.

    420 Science

    Hey James, Thanks for taking the time to review this product. The Ghost MV1, while being a really great device, definitely has a couple of shortcomings. The device definitely benefits greatly from the additional accessories such as the extra battery pack and the fast charger so that you can swap batteries out with ease. Like you mentione, there is also a learning curve to using the device to it's fullest potential, but once you get the heat settings dialed in, the mouthpiece height just right, and the draw technique dialed in, you can get some dense and tasty vapor. We would definitely recommend checking out some of the videos that Ghost Vapes have over at https://www.ghostvapes.com/help-videos to get the best use out of this device. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us or someone over at Ghost Vapes.