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    Cassandra M.
    United States United States

    Awesome design

    Nice design! You can cap in the middle of a sesh and not loose your goods.


    Great, versatile and durable piece!

    Disclaimer: I paid for this product with my own funds and was not paid for this review. Views expressed are my own. Overall: 5 of 5 As a taster: 5 of 5 - Great size for a nice "taste" - It hits a little hot, but still smooth and the octo-screen helps diffuse the air a little. The 16mm tube size is nice, as a typical taster turns into a 3-4 hit session if you need more than just a taste-but not with this. Hit it and the octobowl-style ash catcher works well, keeping ash in the bowl even without considering/using the ash-catch nature of the silicone mouthpiece. After you're positive the ash is no longer hot, you can simply blow it out from the mouthpiece and put the cap on with minimal smell to worry about. The shape of the mouthpiece allows you to press this onto a glass joint of a water piece and get filtration, which leads me to rate its function as a bowl below. As a water piece-bowl: 3 of 5 - It's actually a good bowl, press the mouthpiece to a 14/18 glass joint and press down lightly to get a seal, I don't mind holding it as it works well with the piece I'm using now but if you had a handheld piece this could be a major drawback. Bowl size is pretty good and it's fairly easy to clean. Durability: 4 of 5 - It can't be 5/5 because it's still glass, and you still leave it vulnerable--for example if you remove the silicone to clean it, but aside from that minimal risk this is EXTREMELY durable. The glass is thick and substantial and I'd trust dropping it from 5 feet on anything softer than concrete--even without the skin. The only taster with an all-glass-airpath I know of that is more durable is the Pyptek Nano, so that puts this VERY affordable grav taster in great company. Looks: 5 of 5 - I got the teal, but all of the colors look great. The silicone feels premium, and not too tacky (not the kind that picks up all your pocket lint). The overall shape is nice, not too bulky, while still letting you bring enough herb-packed and ready under the cap to make a positive impact on your day. If I worked at Grav (or: these are minor criticisms): 1. I'd make the end of the bowl cap that ALMOST looks like a suction cup, an actual suction cup. This would let you store it in more creative ways, and make it more stable when it's sitting on the desk with the cap off and a hot bowl cooling down. It already rests fairly well like this, but adding suction would just add a small layer of security without changing the design hardly at all. 2. I'd make a cap for the mouthpiece that made the entire unit more smell proof and look more uniform overall when stored, the consumer could choose to use the cap or not, and it could possibly have a tether so it's not lost when removed. By adding this cap, you could also fill the air chamber side of the tube with some pre-ground product to bring with you on the go. 3. Instead of the square mouthpiece tip, I'd make the very end of the mouthpiece shaped like a king cone blunt/10mm male joint to add even more versatility so that you could smoke this through a 10mm cone bubbler. (This combined with the newest grav cone bubbler sphere would be a killer portable setup, I may even modify mine by shaving off some silicone and if it works I'd love to pick that little sphere up!). This change would not affect its function with 14/18mm joints. 4. Tweak the top of the mouthpiece slightly so that it fits in a 14/18 glass joint a little better (friction fit like a silicone wine-stopper rather than have to hold it in place), could add an interesting texture for your lips as well. 420 Science: 5 of 5 - Good prices, quick service/shipping. Everything was packaged securely and arrived discreetly. I felt like Greg had a hand in getting this to me, even if they only want to make it seem that way, it's a nice touch. The included gift (I reached silver level) didn't have any "trash" items, they were all good quality and even the typical promo sunglasses that nearly every company hands out feel more "mid-scale" than the really cheap $5 company logo branded sunglasses you typically get as freebies. The flower Jar is nice and thick and the lid provides some magnification for your flower. Feels like a grav upline product, not a cheap freebie jar you'd get elsewhere or at a headshop. Raw papers are the best, nothing else to say about that. I medicate a lot and I'd like one of each color to bring a few with me, packed and ready! -- I'd like to get the Grav Upline taster and verify fitment inside of this silicone piece, but I've spent my allotment on glass for now. I do not work for Grav, but I do have a growing collection, all are top notch. Keep an eye out for my upcoming review of the Grav Upline Upright Bubbler (spoiler: 5*), and I look forward to being able to review some of the Arcline bubblers (HEMI!) in the future -- Test & review opportunities are welcomed -- Real reviews take time and effort -- In-depth video reviews coming winter 2019. -Beebs