Wax Wallet XL

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Premium Dab Storage

We designed the Extra Large wax wallet to take care of all your dab storage needs. This latching clamshell has an airtight seal, and the heavy-duty plastic casing will keep your dabs fresh and protected. The interior is sturdy food-grade silicone that has spaces for concentrates of all kinds. The large flat dab mat is excellent for breaking off dabs from large pieces of concentrate. The three-spaced divider has plenty of depth to store a few grams separately properly. Our Wax Wallet XL comes with a flat-tipped surgical-grade stainless steel loading tool that fits conveniently in the built-in storage slot.

If you like to dose out your concentrates, then the recessed squares have been pre-measured to small amounts that you can fill ahead of time for easy dab pen loading. The 3.5-inch space at the top holds a dab tool. This hardshell container for storing your concentrates is airtight and damage-resistant.


  • Dimensions: 4.2 in x 3 in
  • Interior Depth: .825 in
  • Dab tool slot: 3.5
  • Hard plastic clam-shell
  • Latches closed
  • Food grade silicone interior
  • Measured dividers and dab mat
  • Dose slots: .1 gr, .5 gr .25 gr
  • Includes surgical-grade stainless steel loading tool
  • Made by 420 Science
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Max s.
United States United States

Perfect for travel

I love mine, i've actually had 2 now, the first one I broke the hinges which was totally my fault and now my 2nd one after about 2 years is due for replacement. After scrapping residue off 23,000 times the bottom stats wearing away as shown in the picture. I used the f out of it and about to order my 3rd one. Well worth 20 bucks.

420 Science Wax Wallet XL Review
United States United States

Seems pretty sturdy

Seems pretty nice though kinda figured it would hold a little more wish the pockets were a little deeper! Got a lil puck for free with my stax and its still holding strong after like 5 years and I use it daily! Was definitely impressed with the weight and quality of the build! I have tried a lot of silicone containers and normally stick with glass because seems like everyone either makes the product taste weird or the product somehow leaks through the bottom and sides and eventually makes the outside sticky! I can say for sure this has never happened with the original wax wallet and love how after you slap your product in the little puck and close the clam shell by having the silicone exposed you can squeeze it real tight with with your fingers and evenly distribute your product in the container! The little ones are for sure worth every cent and the xl seems around the same quality. So what are you waiting for add a couple to your cart or you can spend about the same on other companies and be buying another one in 3 months!

420 Science Wax Wallet XL Review
Tyler M.
United States United States

Wax wallet

Very well made

United States United States

Awesome for controlled dosing!

I love this wax wallet xl! It's very sturdy (except for the pins) and allows me to easily plan my doses. The only 2 complaints I have are: 1. The pins are not long enough or big enough in diameter, they fall out or slide all the way back and sometimes get stuck back there causing one side of the hinge to come undone. Also, if you store the titanium dab tool inside it puts stress on the back pins because it is slightly too large in diameter. You can see this by closing it without the tool but not clasping it. It lays flush all the way around. If you add the dab tool and do the same ( don't clasp it) you will notice that it is no longer flush around the wallet but slightly open towards the front. By clasping it with the tool inside, it raises the back hinge, stressing the pins. 2. The silicone is not the same quality as the concentrate pucks. This silicone is not as sturdy and if you apply to much pressure with a dab tool it will slice through the silicone leaving a pit. I want to mention that 420 Science provided excellent customer service. They sent me a replacement both times there was a problem. Thank you 420 Science! Despite those 2 problems I still love it. I just baby it as far as the pins and silicone go. I don't store the dab tool inside. Maybe one day I'll find one that's thinner I can use with it but really, it's no biggie.