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    Free 420 Science Grinder With Your Vape

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    These are the best vapes for enjoying dried flower. We've tested them rigorously and they have our seal of approval. You can trust that we wouldn't promote any vapes that we wouldn't use ourselves. Buy any of these handheld vaporizers and receive a free 4-piece grinder. Is it the best deal out there? Yes, it is (grinder will be automatically added at checkout).
    With so many vaporizers and vaporizer companies popping up all over the place, it can be a tough decision to choose the right one. There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to finding the right vaporizer to fit your needs. Ask yourself, “how much money am I willing to spend,” “is it for flowers or concentrates,” “do I want this thing to be portable or just something to have at home”? Whatever your needs may be, we have compiled a short-list of what we consider to be the best handheld and desktop vapes.
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    $ 199.99