Phoenix Rising Oil Can Dab Rig

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Phoenix Rising Oil Can Dab Rig - Compact and Efficient

Indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship of the Phoenix Rising Oil Can Dab Rig. Meticulously crafted from quality American Made glass, this rig is a testament to durability and functionality. Standing at 9 inches, it combines a sleek design with efficient performance.

With its oil can style, this rig exudes a unique aesthetic that sets it apart. The straight tube stem ensures direct and smooth hits, while the inline percolator takes the filtration game to the next level, delivering cool and flavorful vapors.

This rig offers stability and convenience and features a fixed upright downstem on the outside. It includes a 14mm female banger, providing everything you need for an enjoyable dabbing experience.



- Material: American Made Glass

- Height: 9 inches (22.9cm)

- Style: Oil can rig

- Stem: Straight tube

- Percolator: Inline for enhanced filtration

- Downstem: Fixed upright on the outside

- Includes: 14mm female banger