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    Angel S.
    United States

    a beast to be respected

    after using the hydra from Cali crusher for a while i got really attached to it using it more than the regular bong I have. Cleaning the hydra is simple but a hassle in my opinion like I expected the glass gets resin gunk all over and the glass tube that you load whatever you are smoking (i won't judge....much) in bubbler mode it tends to get clogged with said thing your smoking so cleaning it regularly is a must otherwise it can clog and wont hit properly the tube also get cover in resin so it is sticky, taking ash out is simple but the way i do it is i pull out the tube and then lightly tap it against something to get the ash out doing so makes me end up touching the end of the tube that has all the resin if someone is absolutely disgusted with having to touch anything dirty id say either learn some nifty way to ash it without having to touch the tube or wear a glove. Taking hits with the hydra is very good hits are fast they can either be smooth or make someone cough their lungs out depending on how hard you hit it, no matter what form you use it can be a smooth hit if I'm not using the bubbler I'm using the pipe mode still hits smooth but with a higher chance of coughing. The 1 hitter mode is well not for me its cool to have the option and there are people who do like it is just not 1 of those mainly because whenever I try to use it or a try and let a friend use it someone always ends up with something in their mouth very unpleasant but it could just be inexperience showing, ashing the pipe mode is allot easier than bubbler mode a simple tap and no resin feel if you pull out the loader piece the bottom does collect the gunk and ash so cleaning that piece is smart unless you don't care about it at all, when ashing the 1 hitter it just needs a tap to get the ash out nothing too crazy. cleaning the pice the first time was a struggle for the first time it had gunk all over the glass where the water is so giving it a scrub clean is good the tube in bubbler mode I had to use a tube cleaner thing to make anything stuck in the glass tube either come loose I used boiling water to make the gunk loose then I used simple bong cleaning stuff (just less since its handheld) to clean it all out making look almost like new i use an anti resin formula (rez block) to try and keep it cleaner so far it is doing its job not allot of resin stuck to the glass walls the glas tube will forever be sticky I guess. another thing that might be an issue for new users is finding the proper amount of water for the bubbler since if there is too much water when you pull from the bubbler water will try and enter the mouthpiece so finding the right amount of water is key on a side note if you don't plan on using the pipe mode the bottom part that screws out to be added to make the pipe mode can be used for storage if kept clean that way if your out or just too lazy to go get up to refill it you can just simple undo the bottom and use that to hold whatever your smoking. all in all its a great thing to have

    Mark V.
    United States

    Hydra is So So

    I will start by saying I love the concept - but the the delivery is lacking. All the pieces are well built - very solid construction. Looks cool and breaks down well into bubbler to chillum to pipe. What I don’t like are the following - 1)drag - really hard drag when pulling in. The carb on the side is pretty small so you are constricted to begin with. 2) the slide and pipe bowl - can’t keep the two of them together - it would be nice if there was a way to keep the pipe bowl in the hydra tucked somewhere while using it as a bubbler - I don’t want to misplace the bowl. Overall it is a good piece - just not everything I had hoped for !