Respire 15 Beaker

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$ 235.00 $ 235.00

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Respire 15 Inch Beaker Bong - Harmonizing Metaphysical Frequencies

Immerse yourself in the Respire Beaker Bong from the Bio-Tech Collection. This nine-millimeter-thick beaker bong stands tall at fifteen inches, captivating with its design that depicts the resonation of metaphysical frequencies with air movement. Prepare for a smoking experience that harmonizes the realms of art and science.

Crafted with precision, the Respire Beaker Bong showcases a center console with an ergonomic non-slip grip, ensuring a secure hold and no slippage during your sessions. The signature lungs icon adds a touch of distinction to this remarkable piece.

The bong includes a color-layered downstem and an Orbit Bowl, enhancing the piece's aesthetics and functionality. 



  • Height: 15 inches (35 cm)
  • Base Width: 6 inches
  • Joint: 19 mm female
  • Thickness: 9 mm
  • Color: Light Blue + Silver Frit
  • Includes: 19mm male bong bowl