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    420 Science Blog — outdoor friendly

    Toking in Nature

    Every toker knows that there is something special about lighting up outside in nature. There's a definite beauty to time spent outside uninhibited by city lights, and smartphone notifications. It just makes being elevated that much better.

    Many of us take for granted the simple pleasures of taking a stroll through the woods or down by the beach with a loaded spoon or a hefty preroll. Most of the time it is because we get stuck in our routine. We have our normal chill spot at home by the window or in front of the record player, and we're happy to come home to it every day and load a fresh bowl.

    But consider breaking from your routine sometime and going down the less explored path. Venture to a park or have a sit on a stump somewhere deep in the woods. We spend most of our days with mental blinders on so we can get through our busy days. And once we get home, for many of us, our session time is a way to shrug off the stresses of the day and reflect. But sometimes to really center yourself you need to go on a little adventure.

    Getting out of your routine smoking environment will help you experience your high differently. You'll be more observant and appreciative and hopefully, more tranquil. Tap into that feeling we all get when wandering around nature as explorers and adventurers.

    That is when a simple loaded bowl or a pre-rolled cone won't do. Load up your whole kit, or your outdoor pipe. You need to pack your bag, put on your walking shoes, and get out on the trail. It may seem like a bit of effort to get away from things, but once you do you won't regret it. That first puff from your bubbler on top of a mountain trail or overlooking a river is awe inspiring. You'll wonder why you don't do it like this every day.

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